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Killian Quarter Horses is owned and operated by Darrell and Tim Killian and located in North Central Arkansas.

We are dedicated to producing top quality performance quarter horses that will be versatile enough to take to the show ring, the rodeo arena, or work on the ranch and trail. 

Our colts will be offered for sale at the Ozark Foundation Breeders Association Sale held every fall.  For more information on the sale, go to // or please feel free to email us or give us a call. 

K2 Ranch is an AQHA approved Ranching Heritage breeder.

AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders embody the longevity, integrity and honesty of the ranching tradition. Ranching Heritage Breeders are those that breed and raise the ranch-type horse, which remains at the core of the American Quarter Horse Association and epitomizes the breed’s versatility.
The Ranching Heritage Challenges are exclusively for foals bred bred by approved Ranching Heritage Breeders and the K2 Ranch is proud to be a part of this AQHA program. All K2 Ranch foals are eligible for nomination to the AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge shows and will carry the Ranching Heritage log right on their papers. This will always distinguish all K2 foals as coming from an AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder and will bring added value and distinction for the life of the horse.

Ranching Heritage Challenge:

The Ranching Heritage Challenge highlights the versatility, soundness and willing attitude of American Quarter Horses that are ranch born and raised. First, the goal of the Ranching Heritage Breeders program is to recognize AQHA’s ranching members who have steadfastly continued to maintain the ranching tradition by raising American Quarter Horses for use in working cattle.

Second, through a series of ranch horse competitions and trail trials, the Ranching Heritage Challenge is intended to increase demand for ranch horses by providing an opportunity for ranches and horse owners to compete in a unique ranch horse competition or set of trail trials for a significant purse.

These Challenges are open to any horse bred by an AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder. Anyone can own and show these eligible and enrolled horses in the Challenges. The Challenges offer multiple divisions for various ages and skill levels for both horse and rider. Classes include working ranch horse, ranch riding, team roping and barrel racing.